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Tue Nov 8 12:44:20 CST 2005

Here is the report of todays Community Council Meeting

* General Items
 o Bhuvan suggested that the RSS feed of the wiki RecentChanges page 
   should be advertized more. This is going to happen.
 o The options for reducing the stress on the CC meetings by 
   (partially) delegating membership approvals have been discussed. 
   There was general consensus that Option C of the plans of Mark
   Shuttleworth is the best way forward. This will be implemented as 
   soon as possible.

* LoCo Teams
 o The Japanese locoteam introduced itself, Jun Kobayashi and Hiroyuki 
   Ikezoe reported their plans and their achievements. The main 
   achievement is a localized version of the Ubuntu CD. Their good work 
   will be merged with Ubuntu to make Ubuntu rock Japan.

* New Community Members 
 o After months of waiting and not being able to attend the meetings, 
   Jonathan Jesse and Robert Stoffers have joined the Ubuntu community. 
   Their work for the documentation team has been absolutely teriffic.
 o Og Maciel has been advocating Ubuntu and translating into Brazilian 
   Portuguese; he also created planeta Ubuntu brasil. He has been 
   welcomed aboard the Ubuntu ship.
 o Ryan Lortie is upstream developer for gnome-applets and will be an 
   Ubuntu developer soon, Ryan now also is Ubuntu member.
 o Hubert Figuière has done good work for digital photography in Ubuntu 
   and has joined the members.
 o Jonathan Carter is deploying Ubuntu on schools in ZA and is part of 
   the Edubuntu team. He is now also part of the ever growing list of 
 o Two members of the Japanese team, Jun Kobayashi and Hiroyuki Ikezoe
   have done great work on Japanese localization and promotion. They
   now also joined the ubuntu members family  

The next community council meeting will be on Nov. 22 at 22:00 UTC
Dennis K.
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