Florian Diesch diesch at spamfence.net
Mon Nov 7 18:08:04 CST 2005


Are there any reasons why there's nothing like tasksel in main?
IMHO tasksel is a nice thing as it
 * shows newcomers what they can do with Ubuntu
 * makes it easy to install the packages I need without having to search for
 * gives me a kind of standard selection of packages. If I'm new to
   something it's often hard to decide which of the many alternative
   programs is a good starting point

Es gibt Leute, die von sich behaupten "wenn ich Kaffee trinke, kann ich
nicht schlafen!". Bei mir ist das umgekehrt: Wenn ich schlafe, kann ich
keinen Kaffee trinken.  [Juergen Ilse in de.alt.folklore.urban-legends]

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