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I vaguely remember reading somewhere that mouting harddisk paritions
with the noatime option is preferred for laptops (as it might lower
the battery usage significantly enough, I suppose). Would it make
sense to have Ubuntu do this on laptops by default?

What are the disadvantages of not having the access time information?
From a quick googling, it seems it might affect programs that check for
new mail (which may work by comparing the mailboxes' modification and
access times), including some of the shells; it was also suggested there
might be some filesystem cleanup solutions that consider atime of the
files in temporary directories before deleting the atime-oldest ones.

Would not having atime information break anything in the default Breezy
install? And - to make a counterpoint quesion - is adding noatime by
default worth considering at all?

Also a personal question - I added the noatime to all of my ext3
partitions. Are there known programs that will/could break? :o)

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