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Keith Curtis wrote:
> You need to be careful about what choices you make for users so that you
> don't limit freedom. Should ubuntu instant database server install mysql
> or postgres? Mysql 4.1 or 5.0? As for web servers, there are a very wide
> variety of possible packages I would want to install so I don't know how
> you guys could possibly figure it out for me up front.

If you're the sort of person who knows that there is a MySQL 4.1 or 5.0,
then you're probably not the target audience (And 5.0 is only just out!)

As I see it, Instant Servers are kind of about reducing choice. That
isn't the same as limiting freedom, its about making choices for people
who don't (yet) have the experience to make those decisions. Your
average newcomer doesn't really need to know all the subtle differences
between postgres and mysql. The need to connect to "a database", run a
few selects and a few inserts. Later, when they learn more, they will
work out the differences between the two, and be able to make an
informed choice. But that shouldn't have to be be the first choice they

> To run a server you need to be wise in the ways of unix,

That is a debatable point - I think Windows Server has proved that you
don't have to be (or perhaps it has proved the opposite) - either way
its proved that people will try - whether you _should_ have a certain
level of knowledge is a different issue ;)

> so creating a
> CD so I don't have to install a few packages (which is easy with
> apt-get!) doesn't seem to be super-worthwhile.

This isn't (as I see it) about just installing a few packages. Its about
making the installation and management much, much easier.

> Anyway, I'm new to ubuntu and I love it very much. (I'm an
> ex-Microsoftie who now sees the light.) This thread seems somewhat noisy
> with minute by minute updates on when IRC chats will happen so I may not
> be able to stay very long...(Personally, I believe if you've got a good
> idea, think it through yourself, write a 2 page spec, and *then* get
> others on board.)

That is a good idea - there is a wiki page on this which has the
startings of this. I have been mulling over the MythTV instant server
idea for a couple of weeks, and now seemed to be the right time to bring it.

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