David Farning dfarning at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 7 17:06:18 CST 2005

It is getting to be time to think about firefox 1.5. I have a very
aggressive package building successfully in dapper that is based on
mozilla-firefox_1.4.99+1.5rc1.dfsg.orig.tar.gz from debian
experimential. Many new features seem to be working correctly and
speedily. Currently I am using the following configure options.


--enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 \

--with-default-mozilla-five-home=$(LIB_DIR) \

--enable-pango \

--with-user-appdir=.mozilla \

--with-system-png=/usr \

--with-system-jpeg=/usr \

--disable-mailnews \

--disable-composer \

--disable-ldap \

--enable-postscript \

--disable-installer \

--enable-xprint \

--enable-crypto \

--enable-strip-libs \

--enable-canvas \

--enable-svg \

--enable-svg-renderer=cairo \

--enable-system-cairo \

--enable-mathml \

--disable-tests \

--disable-gtktest \

--disable-debug \

--enable-xft \

--enable-optimize="-pipe -w $(OPTFLAGS)" \

--with-system-zlib=/usr \

--with-gssapi=/usr \

--without-system-nspr \

--enable-xinerama \

--enable-extensions=default \

--disable-pedantic \

--disable-long-long-warning \

--enable-single-profile \

--disable-profilesharing \

--enable-gnomevfs \

--enable-application=browser \

--disable-installer \

--disable-updater \


I am applying branding and Ubuntu customization patchs only. So much has
changed that many of the other patches are no longer necessary. Most of
the current themes do not yet work with 1.5 so I am sticking with

It seems pretty stable and speedy. I haven't yet gotten the flash plugin
to work yet;)

Default search engines, bookmarks, themes, and home pages can be set at
build time. So I am taking suggestions.

I have reverted the package name back to mozilla-firefox to stick closer
to upstream.

I have set up a firefox project on launchpad so the translators can get
to work in rossetta. By using a moz2po script it looks we can move
translation back and forth with upstream.

Any thoughts on picking this package up for dapper so we can start bug

David Farning

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