Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Mon Nov 7 13:50:44 CST 2005

On 11/7/05, John Nilsson <john at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 13:16 -0500, Matt Galvin wrote:
> > From there we would only have
> > to customize a few things, each of which will be determined when we
> > spec out what each instant server would have installed on it.
> Would this include file system and kernel tuning stuff?

This would depend on time frames and how many people get invovled,
but, if we determine the real benifits of tuning these and other
various components, we could certainly explore these options.

If, for example, using ReiserFS would perform better on, let's say,
the Ubuntu Instant Source Control Server, because there may be many
small files, then we can certainly investigate using that as a
default. Or if we can create smaller kernels since we would not need
many various modules like sound on a web server we can certainly try
it out.

If there are any specific ideas that you have in mind please feel free
to share them. We would love to hear them! :)



> Regards,
> John

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