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On 11/7/05, Mario Đanić <mario.danic at> wrote:
> Ok, we should think what Ubuntu Instant * Server we really need to make.
> Web server seems like a logical step, but I don't think that web server
> doesn't have database's, mail server.
> Web server has to have all that for example one hosting company
> wants to offer to their client.

My thoughts on this were if someone needs two sets of services
combined on one machine they could do something like:

1) Install Ubuntu Instant Web Server
2) sudo apt-get install ubuntu-instant-databse-server (which would
install the additional packages and therefore create this multipurpose

Although if we find that combining them together is more strongly
desired we can do so. To start off I think maybe we should keep them
seperate and allow the more advanced users to create their own
multipurpose server if they so desire or require.

I am hashing out what I think would be the most popular/desired Ubuntu
* Instant Servers. I will create a wiki page for these ideas later
this evening when I have some more free time.



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