Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Mon Nov 7 09:13:09 CST 2005

Hi All,

With Dapper dev ramping up I was thinking a little about more ways in
which we can prove how easy to use, flexible and beneficial Open
Source/Free Software can be and had this idea about creating instant
server-on-a-disc iso's that would allow a person to, let's say,
install a full mostly pre-configured Ubuntu web server, database
server, messaging server or whatever other type of server in under 30
minutes without having to be an expert on the server topic in
question. Below describes my idea in greater detail. I very much
appreciate any and all feedback and if anyone agrees that this idea
doesn't suck than maybe we can work together to create instant Dapper
server images that, IMHO, would greatly assist in the adoption of
Dapper Drakes all over the world. Lets get everyone to join the flock
and migrate with the Dapper Drake!

Hmm, that might be a good slogan... Ubuntu Dapper Drake - Join the Flock!

So, Instant Ubuntu, or [server]-on-a-disc would be custom derivatives
of ubuntu-server that contain specialized software sets geared for
specific services such as a web server, database server, source code
control server, and just about anything else, that could be installed
very quickly and would allow admins to get there servers up very very
quickly with very little effort.

There would also exist ubuntu-instant-web-server,
ubuntu-instant-postgresql-server, ubuntu-instant-source-server, etc...
meta-packages, we could provide a few of the most common/popular
servers as ISO's and the rest could just be easily installed with a
basic ubuntu-server install and a simple apt-get install
ubuntu-hula-server or something similar. Examples will probably work
best so here are a few short examples. I will briefly outline the
components needed for a few example instant servers.

Ubuntu Instant Web Server
would contain pre-selected packages such as:
    moin (maybe since not every want or needs a wiki although it would be nice)
    various language API's (php5-pgsql, etc...)

Ubuntu Instant Source Control Server
would contain pre-selected packages such as:
    subversion (and or cvs, and or bazaar)

Ubuntu Instant Database Server

Ubuntu Instant Groupware Server
    sendmail || postfix || etc...

Right now using applications such as webmin and phpPgAdmin and such
would, IMHO, be best for easy to use pre-configured management
interfaces. Maybe in the future we could investigate more tightly
integrating these various management apps.

We could even possibly make a few of these Live CD's so that someone
could download the Ubuntu Instant Web Server and try it out before
ever having to even do an install. This would allow them to try out a
web server based on Ubuntu within a few short minutes of having the cd
in theirs hands.

These are not really meant to be appliances since it can be customized
by adding additional software but it can, to some extent, be viewed as

Well, this is one of my ideas in a nut shell. If this seems like
something that is sane and do-able, hopefully, we can make something
like this happen.

What do you all think?


Matt T. Galvin

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