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Thu Nov 3 13:04:47 CST 2005

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 01:25:04PM +0100, Sam Hocevar wrote:
>    Which version of VLC are you packaging? Official VLC releases have
> never shipped a bundled FFmpeg version, and special tarballs for
> distributions (such as the one used in Debian) have not shipped FFmpeg
> for almost a year.

Breezy's version of vlc is 0.8.4-svn20050920-3+hal0ubuntu3 (Debian
experimental's -- the Ubuntu modification is using libwxgtk2.4 due to
problems parsing filenames if libwxgtk2.6-0 is used[0]) with ffmpeg
0.cvs20050918-4 (Debian unstable's -- the Ubuntu modification is just
an epoch) included in extras/ffmpeg[1].

>    This does not sound like a valid reason as far as VLC is concerned,
> because VLC does not use FFmpeg's AAC support but has its own separate
> plugin.


>    I see no real reason for putting VLC in multiverse. If you need
> help fixing some technical problems (such as my suggestion for the
> transcode package), I'd be happy to help. I am upstream for VLC as well
> as the Debian maintainer for both VLC and FFmpeg so I have quite some
> experience with the whole stuff.

I'd much rather see ffmpeg's source remain in universe. The reason I
include vlc/extras/ffmpeg is due to libpostproc-dev being split into
multiverse, which effectively means vlc can't be "pbuilt" or "sbuilt"
using the proper Build-Depends on lib{avcodec,avformat,postproc}-dev.
That's an issue that needs to be resolved on the Ubuntu side. If it's
impossible due to administrative issues for libpostproc-dev to be
promoted to universe, then vlc will have to be demoted to multiverse
(a far from optimal workaround).

Since I track your changes in Debian, I certainly want the MOTUMedia
team (and myself, since I've not joined it yet) to work with you.

Many thanks for your time.

[0]I have not been able to debug why Debian unstable's vlc package
   works whereas Ubuntu 5.10's doesn't when compiled against
   wxwidgets2.6. The only clue that I have is that I simply didn't
   pull all the necessary patches from vlc's svn to handle the UTF-8
   issues. The patches that I did pull are included in debian/patches/
   but are not applied (i.e., are not listed in 00list).

   Facing 5.10's release, the FTBFS on two arches of the previous
   version (0.8.2-1ubuntu3) simply was unacceptable.

   Ubuntu Dapper has a fresh svn checkout from October 25th that does
   work properly with wxwidgets2.6. Another upload is planned so that
   vlc-plugin-alsa is included (as a Depends) and so that the current
   trunk changes can be included.

[1]The epoch was (re)added in a previous Breezy upload.

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