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We, ubuntu-hr team, are developing single Ubuntu DVD installer. It will
have edubuntu, ubuntu, kunbuntu and ubuntu-server installers + most used
packages from main, restricted, universe and multiverse.

Main idea is to create a DVD image, that would be possible to download
and burn on DVD. Most of people in Croatia don't have access to
broadband connections like DSL. You can see how people arround the world
with slow connections would benefit from it.

We will not change installers and we will not enable universe/multiverse
repositories after install, but those packages will be provided on DVD.
After install, systems would be just like they are installed from
official Ubuntu CDs/DVDs with exception of /etc/apt/sources.list which
would contain this DVD.

My question is, are we allowed to use name Ubuntu in the name of this
project? We intented to call it Ubuntu Ningi.

And we would appriciate if people around the world would help us make
this DVD. If you want to help, please visit:

Also, any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you!

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