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Wed Nov 2 19:45:16 CST 2005

It woudl be a shame to see vlc in multiverse, it's a very popular
application, and multiverse isn't even mentioned in the default sources.

Is there any way to extract it from VLC while still making it usable?
can we make a vlc-multiverse or something?


On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 09:51:58PM +0100, Sebastian Dr?ge wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm proposing to demote ffmpeg (and all of it's source packages!)
> and packages containing/rdepending ffmpeg to multiverse.
> The packages rdepending or containing ffmpeg are gem, gnusound,
>, motion, opencv, smilutil gst-ffmpeg, and vlc and must be
> moved also to multiverse.
> In the case of vlc it currently uses a bundled ffmpeg version as
> libpostproc-dev is currently already in multiverse and vlc can't build-
> depend on it because of that. Demoting it to multiverse will solve this
> obviously ;)
> This is for the following reason:
> We currently use the ffmpeg from Debian but this is somewhat stripped
> from "funny" formats (AAC for example, libfaad2 is in multiverse). When
> ffmpeg is in multiverse we could use Marillat's version [1] of ffmpeg
> which supports these formats. In fact even our version contains support
> for some suspect formats (mpeg video encoding as an example).
> Using Marillat's version would give us also another advantage (which
> could be added to our current package too obviously):
> Our current ffmpeg package ships only -dev packages for libavcodec
> and libpostproc. These contain the static .a archives and no package
> with shared .so libraries is available from our ffmpeg package. This
> yields to the following problem: when updating ffmpeg all packages using
> it need to be recompiled to use the advantages of the updated ffmpeg and
> (more important) _every_ binary which links against libavcodec gets 2-3
> mb bigger! for example for transcode this makes a real difference as it
> contains many binaries linking against libavcodec. The compressed size
> of the binary is ~14 MB instead of ~2 MB, the installed size is ~40 MB
> instead of ~5 MB. Using Marillat's version also helps in this case.
> Shipping only static libraries is also generally discouraged [2]
> Do you have any comments on this or can we do it right now?
> Thanks and Bye
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> [2]:

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