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Tue Nov 1 20:26:00 CST 2005

Nexenta OS: Debian based GNU/Solaris

This is to announce Nexenta: the first-ever distribution that combines GNU and
OpenSolaris. As you might know, Sun Microsystems just opened Solaris kernel under
CDDL license, which allows one to build custom Operating Systems. Which we did...
created a new Debian based GNU/Solaris distribution with (the latest bits of)
Solaris kernel & core userland inside.

We'll open Nexenta web developer portal completely for the general public by
mid-November. Today we are launching a Pilot Program. Ubuntu developers and the
entire Debian community - you are welcome to participate in the Pilot!

What is Nexenta OS today

Several things:

1) A working prototype that runs on our 32-bit laptops and AMD64 box; the
latter is used for development of the system itself, and it in turn runs our
entire development environment, and hosts the web portal (below).

2) 2,300 Debian packages available for immediate usage.

3) Developer's portal at - fully functional, with
downloads, APT repository, discussion forums, developer's "hack zone", bug
database, blogs, and numerous Solaris and free software related resources.

This will be 100% open and free-of-any-charge easy-to-install easy-to-use
distribution. Coming out soon!

The Future

We do hope that at some point, sooner rather than later, our changes (so far for
the most part just cleanups to build the DEBs in the new Solaris-like
environment) will be integrated with the upstream. At the end of the day - this
would be the right thing to do.

For Developers

There are probably very few projects that can come anywhere close to Nexenta OS,
in terms of the size, complexity and openness. The Nexenta project offers a rare
opportunity to take part in something as big as this mega-project at its early
stage - and make a meaningful contribution, ranging from selected improvements
and up to... well, the sky's the limit. One thing that makes it not only
challenging but also a rewarding experience is - the kernel. It's a true UNIX
(Solaris fully complies to The Open Group specifications). It's very stable,
extremely development-friendly, well  documented, cleanly architected, and well

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the Ubuntu developers! Ubuntu is a state-of-the-art distribution!


If interested, please send e-mail to <support at>, and tell us a few
words about yourself. We'll respond with a user/password.


Nexenta Team

<support at>

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