Scott Ritchie scott at
Tue Nov 1 19:45:44 CST 2005

Greetings folks, and especially elmo,

The packages winesetuptk and xwine need to be removed from universe.  If
I had my way, they would even be removed from the Breezy universe
repository.  They simply don't work anymore, are completely obsoleted by
the use of winecfg, are no longer developed, and only confuse people
trying to install Wine.  I remember this getting talked about earlier,
but I think that was before we had the morgue so it must have gotten
overlooked while I was absent.

The package libwine-cil should also be removed from both Breezy and
Dapper universe.  Mono originally tried using Wine for implementing
System.Windows.Forms with this package, however they have abandoned this
in favor of writing it from scratch - no part of Mono depends on Wine
anymore (not even the Mono in Breezy).  See for a history.  Like the various other
libwine-* packages that were obsoleted a while ago, I'll add this into
the conflicts/replaces part of the Wine package.

I added them to however after
some discussion in IRC I don't believe that the Morgue is actually being
used, and that perhaps mailing the list would be a better idea.

Scott Ritchie
Wine guy

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