Quim Gil qgil at interactors.coop
Tue Nov 1 12:49:20 CST 2005

Let me send the last email of this thread.

I sent the brief email knowing it was off-topic and considering it could
be/generate noise... if the web administrators already knew about it.

I've been web admin (and mailing list admin) for a while and it's not
unusual that a website is down for hours just because everybody knows
but the admins. Or any other Murphy's Law combination, and considering
all you are now in a room in Montréal this could just happen.

I could have looked for the right list to post but, hey, the web was
down so how could I search? Also, how could I check the bug had been
previously reported or was known? I just wanted to help.  I used this
list as the closest channel of communication because I'm already
subscribed to it (for developing purposes).

Sorry for the noise, mates. Good luck with the fix. Have fun below zero.

Quim Gil      http://interactors.coop | http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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