[g-a-devel] Announcing the first release of an accessible derivitive of the Hoary Live CD Array 4

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org
Tue Mar 15 02:30:29 CST 2005

Luke Yelavich, le mar 15 mar 2005 13:56:47 +1100, a dit :
> * No console screen reading support, and less than useful gnome-terminal 
> reading from gnopernicus.

For both of this, you may want to use brltty. The future 3.7 brltty
release will be able to read gnome-terminal. For now, two brlttys need
be compiled: one with the linux screen driver and braille drivers, and
another one with the atspi screen driver and the BrlAPI driver to let it
connect to the first one to grab braille output on the X VT.


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