vfat broken in 2.6.10?

OGAWA Hirofumi hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp
Thu Mar 24 13:39:54 CST 2005

John Richard Moser <nigelenki at comcast.net> writes:

> I would really, but I haven't mastered creating debian packages yet; on
> Gentoo I just wrote ebuilds whenever I wanted to test something, then
> uninstalled it if it broke.  Maybe someone else can do it. . . .

dosfstools is simple, so you don't need to install it....

    $ mkdir test
    $ cd test
    $ wget http://user.parknet.co.jp/hirofumi/tmp/fatfsprogs.tar.bz2
    $ tar xjf fatfsprogs.tar.bz2 
    $ cd fatfsprogs/dosfstools-2.10/
    $ make
    $ ./dosfsck/dosfsck /dev/test_device
    $ cd ../../..
    $ rm -rf test
OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi at mail.parknet.co.jp>

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