[Hoary] Devilspie in hoary universe dies with 'undefined symbol: _wnck_atom_get'

Elliot Foster elliotf at gratuitous.net
Wed Mar 23 17:53:33 CST 2005

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> Le mercredi 23 mars 2005 à 14:50 -0800, Elliot F a écrit :
>>I haven't had a response on the ubuntu-users list, so I thought I'd ask on dev:
> Hi
> (This list not the right place for bugs).

So bugs should be reported on ubuntu-users?  I had thought that dev would be a 
reasonable place to report issues with the development version.  Also, I did not 
get any responses in over a week (10 days), where I get a response in less than 
an hour on this list.

It would also be easier if we could track bugs on bugzilla, then I wouldn't have 
to post to the mailing list at all.

> This issue is due to devilspie using wnck's private symboles and wnck
> building without -Wl,--export-dynamic now. 

This makes it sound like it would be trivial to fix.  Is that not the case?  I 
would imagine so, as the other version of 0.7-1 worked fine.

Thank you,


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