Mono Upgrade

mob mobrox at
Thu Mar 31 19:58:40 CST 2005

Reading at i see that the version that is on
ubuntu's repositories (1.0.5) is the one that mono developers say
better switch it, the message quoted is this:

"As of this version, Mono 1.1.4 has received more testing and more
scrutiny that Mono 1.0.6, and we strongly recommend that people switch
to the 1.1.4 release.

We will continue to support 1.0.x for those who can not do a larger
change, but keep in mind that 1.1.4 at this point is stabler, has many
less bugs, faster, better tested and more complete than the 1.0.6

Why don't use the 1.1.X mono version then?


Matias Orellana
mobrox at

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