ubuntu-xxx dependencies & group assignment for sound & co

Paul Roeland paul.roeland at milieudefensie.nl
Thu Mar 31 09:42:28 CST 2005

Adrian Gschwend wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 15:46:47 +0200, Paul Roeland wrote:
>>same problem here. We haven't found an "ideal" solution, but this works, 
>>although it's slightly ugly:
> [...]
> ok thanks for the hints! Maybe we should start do do a wiki entry about
> Ubuntu mass deployment stuff, I guess we are not the only one which wants
> to use it in a bigger environment and maybe we can influence the future of
> Ubuntu as well a bit in some regards to make it a bit more friendly for
> such use. 

Good idea. I'll try to do this next monday. Points which we tweaked so 
far, to get our hoary clients to play nice with LDAP auth and central 

- setting permissions in /etc/udev/*

- restarting udev after network initialisation

- configuring /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf so that sends the hostname to the 
dhcp-server, which can then bind this into DNS. This should be the 
default, imho, it does not hurt if you don't run your own DNS but helps 
a lot if you do...

- enabling root, disabling sudo, disabling update-notifier

- configure cups to be *just* a cups-client and not play server

- a little script that picks an xorg config based on a hardware query 
(our client machines are unfortunately a mixed bunch with different 
graphics cards, and monitors with different capabilities tend to be 
switched around regularly...)

and, of course, using extra packages like pam_mount for remotely mounted 
homedirs and fileshares plus the usual pam_ldap, nssswitch and pam.d 
stuff. This is where Ubuntu makes life easy; configure pam_mount to 
mount the shares under /media and they show up nicely on the user's 

Paul Roeland
sysadmin for Friends of the Earth Netherlands

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