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Daniel Holbach [2005-03-28 12:31 +0200]:
> I already talked to some people about it and here are the questions that
> turned up, I hope they're leading to those decisions we'll have to make:
>       * How do we further cope with apt-get.org?
>       * Will there be a MOTU and a apt-get.org route of getting packages
>         in?
>       * Will we have another repository, like main, restricted,
>         universe, multiverse, apt-get.org?

I vote against directly putting the apt-get.org packages into
universe. On first import they should land either in multiverse or in
a completely separate archive. Then the mass import process can happen
relatively quickly (well, licenses need to be checked for
redistributability, of course).

A package should be promoted from this archive to universe if it was
reviewed and tested by a MOTU, and the license matches the DFSG.

This will ensure that people who only use universe won't get obviously
broken or braindamaged software; OTOH the folks who really want it can
get their apt-get.org crack easily.

>       * How do we get repository maintainers to work closely with us and
>         shall we provide them with an easy entry path as
>         Members/MOTUs/Maintainers?

They should be at least notified about the new repository. If they
like Ubuntu (and maybe can even be converted to use it :-) ), then I
think they can be allowed to upload to our apt-get.org archive
straight away. If they want to be involved more, they can go through
the MOTU process and work in universe, but this should be entirely
optional. Write them a mail, and do the offering, let's see what
happens. :-)


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