Official Medicine Mask Logo/Mascot/Artwork??

Nikolai Dunkel bahamutdunkel at
Tue Mar 29 11:31:19 CST 2005

I dont know if this is the right list, but it seems like the only choice, 
there being no dedicated marketing-thread! I'm mailing about a logo/mascot 
suggestion that I made...

Some love the idea (see my wiki here ),
some dont, as always (see my thread here ),
and some people have now started developing themes/deviations of my mask 
both on the forums, as on!!!!

But I thought I wouldn't let this stuff just sink away into the depths of 
the forums/, but would try to give the whole thing an 
"official" nature, in other words see if you guys had any interest in it as 
official artwork/official mascot/official logo...

As said already on my wiki, I think ubuntu would gain more character as a 
product and mindshare as a distro as stylish/unique (all of this is 
explained on my wiki, thats the real point of this letter, to redirect you 
to that :) )

Nikolai Dunkel

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