overflowing ia64 CDs

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 29 02:06:21 CST 2005


Colin Watson [2005-03-26 14:26 +0000]:
> The current ia64 daily CD is 45MB over its size limit. I've just tweaked
> its boot.img a bit to recover 16MB of that, but that still leaves 29MB.
> Can we remove some language packs or something?

ia64 never had many language packs, but I removed more packs. Now
there are only a few of them left:

 * language-pack-en
 * language-support-en
 * language-pack-zh
 * language-pack-es
 * language-pack-bn
 * language-pack-hi
 * language-pack-ar
 * language-pack-xh

If required, I can remove even more. 

Martin, who asks himself what hog was recently added to the ia64 CD...

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