Experimental/Rough UserLinux Packages

Ghe Rivero ghe_rivero at yahoo.es
Mon Mar 28 16:29:09 CST 2005

El lun, 28-03-2005 a las 17:06 -0500, Benj. Mako Hill escribió:
> Greetings,
> I've put together some experimental userlinux metapackages that will
> install on Ubuntu (hoary only).

	What the hell!!! I was just updating it now :( Anyway, well done.

> Metapackages which means all they do is install other
> packages. Userlinux doesn't provide its users with seperate packages
> of its own -- it uses whatever is in Debian. You can do now install
> these on on Ubuntu and get a sort of Ubuntu-flavored Userlinux. :)
> You can get them by adding this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list and
> then updating and installing away:
>   deb http://people.ubuntulinux.org/~mako/userlinux hoary main
> I've had to clean these up and remove or change a few things to get
> them to install on either Hoary on even in Debian sid (where they
> claimed they worked). 

	We are focusing on fix RC bugs instead of UserLinux related stuff.

> There is a lot more help they could get but I
> wanted to minimze the delta between these and upstream so I've left a
> number of things that are I think could be improved. I'll work with
> upstream authors to help rectify most things.

	We must be in contact them.

> For no good reason that I can tell, the meta-packages are i386
> specific. I want fix this in all of them but I do not have source for
> two metapackages (userlinux-server-base or userlinux-artwork) and
> cannot rebuild these myself or provide source. I have emailed the
> userlinux folks to see if I can get full source for their packages.

	I have the sources. Be expecting.

> The metapackages that are available include:
>   userlinux-artwork
>   userlinux-base
>   userlinux-desktop-base
>   userlinux-dev
>   userlinux-enterprise-desktop
>   userlinux-im-server
>   userlinux-mail-server
>   userlinux-pbx-server
>   userlinux-server-base
>   userlinux-server-gui
>   userlinux-server
>   userlinux-soho-desktop
>   userlinux-web-server
> I have not bothered to work with the userlinux installer package since
> we already have our own installer that we like a bit. :) You will
> definitely need universe turned on to use these packages. I haven't
> tested installing each of them on a fresh install but I have tested to
> see that each one is installable.
> Regards,
> Mako
> -- 
> Benjamin Mako Hill
> mako at canonical.com
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