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Sat Mar 26 16:51:47 CST 2005

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Sivan Green wrote:
| On 18:17, Sat 26 Mar 05, See7a wrote:
|>I too think PHP5 packages are really important. Did any one in the
|>MOTU team takae ownership of them?
|>On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 12:56:08 +0100, Daniel Neuenschwander DNE
|>< at> wrote:
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|>>Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski wrote:
|>>| Daniel Neuenschwander DNE wrote:
|>>|> I've got a question about why there aren't any PHP5-packages
|>>|  Because they are not ready? ;-)
|>>|  You can try run packages.
|>>| Due to a severe server crash, is currently down. <
|>>But thanks anyway for that hint. ;-)
|>>I just wanted to ask if any people are working for these packages, or if
|>>they're not "high priority" packages!
| Well, if we want to make Ubuntu a rocking server operating
| system (Something I am currently having trouble pushing
| around my local industry, as Fedora, SLES, and RHEL are
| considered stds. due to more "broad server infrast.
| support" as I'm told) I think PHP5 must be a high priority for us,
| as one of the most popular and wide spread web development scripting
| language. Oppinions?
| Sivan
Well, i don't think ubuntu must be a "rocking server operating system",
but ubuntu is build to be useful for all kind of linux users, for
beginners, "advanced" users, developpers (good example: PHP), etc... and
so, for me it's important that ubuntu is up to date with that stuff like
PHP and so on..

as we all we can read, the ubuntu goals are "sent" back to debian, so
you'll have your "rocking server operating system" with PHP5 including
~ the step to be a object oriented scripting language.. in combination
with other "most-used-as-this-thime"-tools, programming languages, etc...

ubuntu and debian are collaborating systems/distributions, imho! but for
me (and of course several others), ubuntu is the way to use a
"mostly-debian-like" operating system on desktop workstations, notebooks
~ and all these common used devices. and debian is the perfect way to
provide an useful, stable and up-to-date, free server operating system..

any impressions?


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