Update manager and synaptic

George Farris farrisg at mala.bc.ca
Thu Mar 24 13:53:44 CST 2005

I've introduced a couple of new users to Ubuntu (new Ubuntu users) and a
common complaint is the listing of repositories in synaptic and the
update manager.  Their compliant and I have to concur, is:

If they add the universe repository then only the universe repository
shows up in the list.  If you then disable or remove universe, the list
is now empty and Hoary main must be added all over again.  Further more
they have no way of knowing (other than cating /etc/apt/sources.list) if
main is actually enabled or not as it doesn't show.

The upshot of this is that they will check for updates and the system
says there are no updates but it is because main is not in the list.
One must open the repositories, click add and then click "OK" with out
actually doing anything:-(

This behaviour is highly confusing for new Ubuntu users.

George Farris   farrisg at mala.bc.ca
Malaspina University-College

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