Hands off Install - yes and no

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Wed Mar 23 18:53:18 CST 2005

Carl Karsten wrote:
> I am now watching a box load up the base system from a local server and 
> the only thing I did to it was turn it on.  yipee.
> Here is my pxelinux.cfg/default
> label linux
>         kernel linux
>         append initrd=initrd.gz ramdisk_size=12890 root=/dev/rd/0 rw 
> preseed/locale=en_US kbd-chooser/method=us netcfg/wireless_wep= 
> netcfg/choose_interface=eth1 netcfg/get_hostname= 
> preseed/url= --

In case anyone is wondering about netcfg/get_hostname= the trick is to 
send a hostname via dhcpd.conf, which is nice because now each test box 
gets it's own name.

ping-check = 1;
log-facility local7;

option domain-name "sahara.net";
option time-servers;
option broadcast-address;

option domain-name-servers,;
option routers;

subnet  netmask {

# Hoary test boxes
group {
	filename="pxelinux.0" ;
	# does not exist on my lan.
	# I am setting it like this to make sure the box doesn't find
	# a repo on the net to pull sources from.
	# It would be good I can figure out how to i
	#  limit these setting to the install phase
	#  (including the 2nd part after the reboot )
	option domain-name-servers ;
	option routers ;

	host dwl650p {
		hardware ethernet 00:05:5d:5a:81:f0 ;
		option host-name "dwl650p" ; }
	# tsp2 6100 - a=wired, b=wifi
	host tsp2a {
		hardware ethernet 00:00:39:fa:ff:f3 ;
		option host-name "tsp2a" ; }
	host tsp2b {
		hardware ethernet 00:02:2d:b0:c8:6c ;
		option host-name "tsp2b" ; }

	host tsp1 {
		hardware ethernet 00:00:39:88:31:a6 ;
		option host-name "tsp1" ; }

         host e400 {
		hardware ethernet 00:60:08:b0:62:0d ;
		# fixed-address ;
		option host-name "e400" ; }


Now if only I could pass all the preseed values this way.  That would be 

Carl K

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