Issues upgrading from warty to hoary...

Matt Galvin matt.t.galvin at
Tue Mar 22 20:33:09 CST 2005

I think this is a topic for the ubuntu-users list, but anyway...

I also just did a clean install of Warty and upgraded to Hoary. I did
not run into the issues you came across. The upgrade went rather well
with the exception of the xfree -> xorg upgrade. xorg is still
affected by whatever causes it to only use a max resolution of
1024x768 after the upgrade. I am sure I can play around with the
config and get it to go higher than that, but this should not happen.
The upgrade, IMHO, should set the default resolution to what ever the
user had it set to before the upgrade. I know this was discussed
somewhere before, but I figured I would mention it in this new thread
that it is still happening as of today.


On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:33:37 -0700, Owen Stenseth <owen at> wrote:
> I just upgraded a machine from warty to hoary and ran into a few issues. The upgrade was performed by replacing the apt.sources file with a hoary version and running a 'dist-upgrade'.
> 1. After logging in the panel segfaulted over and over again. I had to move the .gnome2 directory out of the way and do a fresh login. It was outputing something about not being able to find an icon for a launcher button that I had added to the panel for gnucash. I still have the .gnome2.old directory that was causing the crash so I could try and track this one down further.
> 2. The XFree86 -> X.Org upgrade seems to work fine except that it does not switch the keyboard from the 'keyboard' driver to the 'kbd' driver. This causes problems when you try and go to the keyboard layout panel and switch layouts, you just get failure dialogs.
> 3. The creation of the xorg.conf file also included selection of an international keyboard set to 'ca'. This turns out to be a French Canadian keyboard where the / is magically replaced by the accented 'e'. I think this was mentioned somewhere else on the list.
> 4. The removable media icon for my CF card now apears on login but initially apeared under the old desktop icons.
> Regards,
> Owen
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