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John Levin john at technolalia.org
Tue Mar 22 08:46:36 CST 2005

On 22 Mar 2005, at 14:00, Paul van Leeuwen wrote:

> <quote>
> When Ubuntu registrates the packages installed within a day after
> installation (anonymous of course :)) it can produce a list of
> 'popular basics'
> Directly after installing or running the live-cd the user can be
> presented to a list of apt-get references to this top-25.
> This is pure statistical. No persuasion from the side of Ubuntu.
> How can Ubuntu be held responsible?
> </quote>

apt-get and scripts require repositories/targets:
1: without control over them, the software is liable to break, change, 
be moved to another directory, etc., and deliberately so.
2: with control of them, Ubuntu is responsible.

Fundamentally, "How can Ubuntu be held responsible" is a legal 
question; as Jeff Waugh wrote, " there's not a lot we can do to make 
that easier without being on shaky legal ground".

Anyway, surely it's better that Canonical pay developers, rather than 

Of course, Ubuntu is a community, and there is nothing to stop you 
contributing by setting up a parallel repository, similar to that of 
the PLF, who provide patent-encumbered software to Mandrake users.

I Am Not A Lawyer


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