Removal of postfix from base

garyng dlist at
Mon Mar 21 16:08:51 CST 2005

I wonder why postfix is chosen rather than exim4 as it is in sarge. I
know this is a religious thing but my limited experience in
install/configure both(not familiar with either) gives me the
impression that exim4 is better tuned for debian(thus ubuntu), in terms
of configuration. 

I can get almost all the information on setting up exim4 to use
smarthost(required authentication or not) through its sample config
file but need to dig around in google to find out about TLS/SASL and
lots of trial and error.

Setting up a server is also harder especially because of the chroot
setting in postfix(again SASL related). spam/virus scanning is equally

It took me may be one or two hours to setup exim4-heavy, but three days
to do the same for postfix.

I am sure experienced server admin may not find postfix to be difficult
but I find postfix just not quite "match" the experience with the rest
of ubuntu where many of the thing just install and work.


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