support for asus M6N(e) laptops

Yann KLIS yann.klis at
Mon Mar 21 09:14:33 CST 2005


AFAIK, this patch has been rejected by the kernel maintainers because
it's too hacky.
BTW, I wrote an email to Asus France to tell them about the problems
the linux users face with their lack of full ACPI support, but hadn't
received any response so far...



On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 14:52:18 +0100, 84yelo3 <84yelo3 at> wrote:
> Hello, there's a way to support battery status in asus laptops (M6Ne and
> M6N models).
> There is a kernel patch that makes acpi parser compatible with asus bios
> (buggy):
> a new kernel package could be compiled with this patch.
> Since it's possible to detect if you have such a laptop using this command
> # modprobe asus_acpi
> M6NE model detected, supported
> I think it shouldn't be difficoult to add in the install process a
> script that choses the right kernel package if it detects those models.
> It would be a great thing if package would be inserted
> in a repository, because it helps to configure hotkeys in asus laptops
> Unfortunately low voltage states (cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU1/power)
> don't work in these models (as state 0 is active and the others are not
> supported), so it's not possible to say that asus laptop support is done.
> so, developers, what do you think? can my requests be accepted?
> sorry if any language mistake, I'm not English...
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