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Christian Bjälevik nafallo at
Sun Mar 20 08:33:15 CST 2005

Ricardo Pérez López wrote:
> El dom, 20-03-2005 a las 13:38 +0100, Ricardo Pérez López escribió:
>>El sáb, 19-03-2005 a las 10:06 -0800, Daniel Robitaille escribió:
>>>>7. The firestarter firewall (from universe) does not appear in the
>>>>menus. And, when it starts or stops, the message is not very
>>>>   Starting firestarter firewall: done.
>>>>instead of the much beautiful
>>>>   Starting firestarter ..... [ ok ]
>>>>like the others.
>>>if the motu team is interestered, attached to this e-mail is the patch
>>>to make this nicer.
>>The patch works perfectly.
>>By the way... the postgresql package has the same problem, but it is in
>>main, not in universe. Is this a bug that could be submitted to
> Ooops!!! Sorry! I sayed "postgresql", but I wanted to say "apache". The
> postgresql package hasn't that problem. The apache package has the
> problem, but it is in universe.
> Sorry again.
>>Thanks a lot.

apache2 is in main though :-).

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