Can I please umount my usb device?

John Richard Moser nigelenki at
Sat Mar 19 23:52:39 CST 2005

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I've noticed some usb devices are like /dev/sda and /dev/sda1 and
/dev/sda4 and so on, no real way to predict WHERE the filesystem will be
exactly. . .

It doesn't matter.  I put NOTHING in fstab and when I plug the thing in,
gnome finds it and mounts it for me :)

Now I can't find /media/usbdisk in nautilus and unmount it.  i can find
it, but no umount on the menu.  The disk mounter applet also doesn't
show it, which is sad because I liked it.

Not that I need it, but I'm very user oriented; I want something I can
push in the user's lap so he can use it without asking me a million
questions.  It's part of me wanting to say, "anyone can use Linux, it's
not like you need to read crap with a hex editor from DOS and load the
kernel into RAM with a home made basic program using peek and poke to
boot it or anything."  And I'm lazy.

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