post install typo

Carl Karsten carl at
Sat Mar 19 14:36:19 CST 2005

Matthew Thomas wrote:
> Jay Camp wrote:
>  >
>> On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 15:55 -0600, Carl Karsten wrote:
>> > > Just did the first half of hoary install from CD, ejected, reboot, 
>> it > wants the CD, and has some "typos" or something: "Need to get 
>> 0B/16.2kB > of archives."  0B?
>> There's nothing abnormal about this.  It means just what it says.  The
>> install package is 16.2 kB and it already has all of it cached locally,
>> so it needs to download 0 B.  In other words it copied the package from
>> the CD so it's already cached locally on the hard drive and doesn't need
>> to fetch it.
>> ...
> If it looks like a bug and quacks like a bug, the text should perhaps be 
> special-cased to say something like "The necessary archive has been 
> found on your computer".

Carl K

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