Hoary preview installation report

Guillaume Desmottes cass at skynet.be
Sat Mar 19 09:46:00 CST 2005

I have installed hoary preview on my desktop station.
Following some bugs i have found.

* When X was started for the first time i had no display (just a black
After looking into xorg.conf I understand that X was configured for a
old PCI graphic card in my PC (i have forgot it :) and not for my AGP
card (Ge-force 2 MX).
I removed the PCI card then remade a installation and X was configured
for the right card.
I think it will be good to ask which cards must be used when there is
several graphic cards into the PC.

* The linux-image-386 package was installed but i have a AMD Duron, so
it should must be linux-image-k7.

* After the installation, my resolution was 1280x1024 @ 60Hz. I have to
change  manually HorizSync      30-65 to 30-107 and VertRefresh    50-75
to 50-160  to have 1280x1024 @ 85Hz.  My screen is a IBM P202.

* When i install a new program with synaptic, its menu entry is added
but the icon doesn't appear. I have to restart GNOME to view it.
Same problem when i have installed glade using gnome-app-install, the
Development section in the Applications menus wasn't added before a
GNOME restart.

* There is a lot of piece of program that are not completely translated
into french (evolution, synaptic, ...).  I will be happy to contribute
at these translations.  Are ubuntu packages synchronised with the last
evolution of the translations?  If yes, what's the easier way to send my
translations? Just edit the po files from the packages and send it to
the package maintainer, use Rosetta or something else?

I have used hwdb-client to report my screen problem.  I can open a
bugzilla for the others bugs but i don't know which package is



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