Remarks about Hoary Preview

Ricardo Pérez López ricpelo at
Sat Mar 19 05:06:02 CST 2005

Hi everybody!

I've installed the Ubuntu Hoary Preview CD, and I think it's great! But
I would like to tell you some "bugs" I've found:

1. During the installation, when I've asked about the full name for the
system user, I can't type accented vocals. My name is Ricardo Pérez
López (you can see the accented 'é' and 'ó', which I can't type in the
installation). The Debian's debian-installer does not have this bug.

2. The installation creates too many locales for my system. I'm Spanish,
and I would like to have only en_US and es_ES. But the system creates
ALL the en_* locales and ALL es_* locales.

3. In my system (Samtron Monitor CRT 17", nVidia graphics card), fonts
looks much better with the "autohinter" enabled. I would like to have
the "autohinter" enabled by default in the fontconfig configuration.

4. Gstreamer is configured by default to use OSS instead of ALSA. Is
this a bug, or a feature? :)

5. Synaptic complains about not installed libgnome2-perl, necessary for
the debconf forms during the packages configuration.

6. mplayer doesn't work at all. I have downloaded the source code from, created the package and installed it, and now mplayer
works perfectly. (Previously, I must to purge the mplayer-custom

7. The firestarter firewall (from universe) does not appear in the
menus. And, when it starts or stops, the message is not very

   Starting firestarter firewall: done.

instead of the much beautiful

   Starting firestarter ..... [ ok ]

like the others.

8. totem-xine works much better than totem-gstreamer. The
totem-gstreamer viewer works slower with videos, and doesn't understand
all video formats. totem-xine does. I think totem-xine would be the
default, instead of totem-gstreamer.

9. And finally, there are untranslated messages during the installation,
and in the update-notifier. I would like to help about that. Can I use
Rosetta to finish the translations?

I must to say that I have the system perfectly upgraded since the
installation (I installed it yesterday, friday 18).

Do I need to open bugreports in bugzilla for the above "bugs"? Is
sufficient to post it here?

Thanks a lot for this superb job. Ubuntu is the best distro for me, and
no doubt it will be for many years.


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