daily instal testing

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Mar 18 11:33:02 CST 2005

I have 2 boxes that I can use to test installs on.  The more I can
streamline the process, the more I can test.

The goal is each night put a CDRW in my burner, 1am cron job will rsync
the latest iso and burn it.  In the morning, I put the disk into my test
box, boot, and do a clean install.  Once the box is up and running, do
some things to verify if the install went ok.

So here are some questions:

1. Is there a way to automate the install?  something like "...kickstart
for Red Hat, yast and alice for SuSE, lui from IBM or Jumpstart for SUN
Solaris." - http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/

It would be great if I could make a floppy with either Grub or Smart
Boot Manager floppy that also had my install options on it, it would
boot the CD and somehow pass a parameter to use the floppy.

Then each morning I could put in the CD and floppy, boot the box, eat
breakfast while it does the first phase, remove the CD, hit enter and
let it do the 2nd phase.  later in the day, I can verify it installed ok.

Given that I don't think that is going to happen, how about an option at
the CD's Boot: prompt?
2. The image I currently has says it was built on 20041227-Ubuntu20 -
but the md5sum checks out with the current file I got manually.  Did I
miss something, or is that just for the installer?  I am looking for a
quick way to tell if the CD is really the new version.  Boot screen
would be ideal.

3. Once the install process is finished, what can be done to verify it
went ok?

4. One project I am working on is http://dabodev.com, so I plan on
installing it and running it's tests.  I am trying to get them to setup
an apt-get repository to help make that process smoother.  Not that I
want it included in any of the standard Ubuntu installs.  Here is from
the Dabo-Dev list:

Paul McNett wrote:
> Carl Karsten wrote:
>> I am have a box that I am installing Hoary on every few days to
>> test the install.  Any chance you could setup a dabo.deb package?
> I was just thinking about how cool that would be. But I'm out of time
> in  my day.

>> super cool would be to host a apt-get repository for it.  That way
>> all I would have to do is add a line to /etc/apt/sources.list.  (I
>> have no clue what is needed on the server side.)
> I have no clue either, but Ed and I have the server space, and the
> answers are out there... do I hear a volunteer? ;)

So if someone could help us get that setup, grand!

5. Is there a Tinderbox server? - It may be too late in the Hoary cycle, 
but maybe for Grumpy?  The concept is a server that receives test 
results and alerts people on fails.  The assumption is the client is an 
automated process that just runs 24hours a day and sends test results in 
a computer readable format.

It worked great for xorg.

Carl Karsten

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