Ubuntu Security Center?

John Richard Moser nigelenki at comcast.net
Fri Mar 18 00:26:47 CST 2005

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telmo wrote:
> I would really like to try it but i don't know how!  :oops: 
> I've installed Glade2 and compiled it... now what?

Silly boy :)

I said, "I've created a mock-up using glade-gnome-2 (glade-2), although
it's very ugly."  A mock-up is basically a quick sketch.  Basically I've
drawn up what I want it to "Look like" to help give the developers an
idea of what exactly the suggestion is that's being put down, rather
than spend 12 hours or so trying to explain it and leave everyone with a
different picture in their minds.

There's no program, just an interface that I didn't feel like taking 7
or 8 screenshots of.  I may post a bug soon suggesting this as an
"enhancement" for hoary+1.

BTW, tracked down all setuid files:



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