[Fwd: OpenOffice.org's increased use of Java and Ubuntu's response]

Matthew East matthew.east at breathe.com
Thu Mar 17 17:02:11 CST 2005

Just got this email about OpenOffice's increased use of Java, the guy is
looking for an official Ubuntu response on a question of policy. I
thought I would post to the list so you can find the right person to

If anyone knows why he's sent it to me, then they are a better man than



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> From: Bruce Byfield <bbyfield at axionet.com>
> To: matthew.east at breathe.com
> Subject: OpenOffice.org's increased use of Java and Ubuntu's response
> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 14:53:51 -0800
> I'm preparing an article for Newsforge about OpenOffice.org version
> 2.0's increased use of Java and how third-party redistributors are
> approaching the change.
> For background, the issue arises because a number of major new features
> in OOo now depend on Java. They include Base, the new Access-like 
> database, the movie player, and the wizards/autopilots. In addition, 
> some features in which Java is optional, such as macros, now open with
> a warning if Java isn't installed. In short, running OOo without Java is
> far less of an option than in previous version.
> Would you be willing to make a statement about how Ubuntu might respond? 
> For instance, would it bundle OOo with Java? With a free version of 
> Java? Wait on attempts to build OOo with gcj or make its own? Or simply 
> package OOo as is, and let users decide what they will do?
> Thanks,

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