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Thu Mar 17 12:53:00 CST 2005

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Sivan Green wrote:
> On 13:16, Thu 17 Mar 05, John Richard Moser wrote:
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>>Sivan Green wrote:
>>>On 11:57, Thu 17 Mar 05, John Richard Moser wrote:
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>>>>Well it's been five minutes and hasn't loaded, or
>>>> for that matter.  Guess I'll just put this here.
>>>>In the Users and Groups tool, there should be an option to mark the user
>>>>as an "Administrator," which would place them in the sudoers file.  The
>>>>first user should by default be an administrator; all other users should
>>>>not be unless set to be.
>>>You can do that from tagging that specific user's privilege
>>>from "Properties" --> "User Privileges".
>>All I see is:
>>  Access to...
>>	CD-ROM drives
>>	floppy drives
>>	Modem devices
>>	tape drives
>>  Connect to internet through modem devices
>>  Enable access to external storage devices automatically
>>  Monitor system logs
>>  Send and recieve faxes
>>  Use audio device
>>  Use scanner device
>>Let me confirm this.
>>System->Administration->Users and Groups-><Select
>>User>->Properties->User Privileges
>>Correct?  I'm on hoary, last update an hour ago.
> Hmm, this is strange, I am also using an up to date hoary
> (updating every 30 minutes) and this is how this dialog 
> looks like for me:
> Do you see there "Executing system administration tasks" ?
> Are you missing this one?

Nope, it's not there for me.  I just rebooted and all.  Probably a burp
on my end, I'll tell you if it's not there within a few days.

That looks fine.  Personally, I'd prefer an "Administrative Account"
checkbox on the "Account" tab in properties, right under "Real name,"
simply because this is a very VERY important setting (give it to someone
and they got root); but that's just me.

When you see a manager's list of tasks, it doesn't say "Joe:  stock,
register, customer service, manager, tech;" it says "Joe (Area Manager):
 Stock, register, customer service, tech."  The manager can hack his own
tasks and privs up too, which means accidentally making someone a
manager (or sysadmin) is bad.

Pretty much, "Account" should be information about the account (who is
he, what's his username, is he an administrator); "Advanced" should be
advanced account settings (is this account locked, what's the UID, basic
group); and "Privileges" should be what the account can do (can he mount
CDs?  USB media?  Dial the internet?  Play music?).  Of course
"Administration" can be considered the ultimate privilege *shrug*.

Anyway, that's my speil on where that should be.  You can take that
however you want it; I'm not the maintainer and I'm not the entire
userbase.  I'll be fine just as long as it's SOMEWHERE.

One more suggestion though.  Under "Advanced," there should be a "User
is on vacation" checkbox or something to lock his account.  In fact,
"User can not log in" would be perfect :)

> Sivan

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