Users and Groups administration tool

Sivan Green sivan at
Thu Mar 17 11:15:06 CST 2005

On 11:57, Thu 17 Mar 05, John Richard Moser wrote:
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> Well it's been five minutes and hasn't loaded, or
> for that matter.  Guess I'll just put this here.
> In the Users and Groups tool, there should be an option to mark the user
> as an "Administrator," which would place them in the sudoers file.  The
> first user should by default be an administrator; all other users should
> not be unless set to be.

You can do that from tagging that specific user's privilege
from "Properties" --> "User Privileges".

> There should always be one administrator at least.  If less than one is
> selected, the changes will not be applied.  If the user is determined,
> he can visudo and do it himself.  GUI tools should guide you in the
> right direction; if you want to castrate yourself, you gotta pick up the
> knife with your bare hands.

This is right, thanks for reporting this, I will investigate
about fixing this. 


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