rhythmbox & esound problem?

Sivan Green sivan at piware.de
Wed Mar 16 12:59:26 CST 2005

On 15:16, Wed 16 Mar 05, Eamonn Sullivan wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 15:53:16 +0100, Sivan Green <sivan at piware.de> wrote:
> > Could you please tell me how to added the other, not install
> > time users? Have you used any GUI tool to do that?
> > 
> > Sivan
> You just want to add users after you've already installed? I'm not in
> front of Ubuntu right now, but I believe it's
> System/Administration/Users and Groups. It's pretty straight-forward,
> and the tool adds the new users to all the sensible groups (except the
> administrator's group).

I am sorry I had a spelling phrashing mistake on that last
email, now to correct:

 I wanted to know how you added those other users that
 couldn't use the sound system, specifically have you used a
 GUI tool to do that? (I might suspect that what you
 described could be a missing groups in one of the default
 desktop profiles accessible from the users-admin tool)

Many thanks!


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