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Wed Mar 16 03:59:37 CST 2005

'Frans Kool [FRSGlobal Wrote: 
> ']
> But the question I get most is: Where is the "windows explorer"
> equivalent? Naturally I tell them Nautilus performs this function, but
> would it be able to add a treeview to it? I think this would help
> "transfer" a lot of Windows
> users to Ubuntu (Things like OpenOffice and Evolution already helped a
> *lot*).
> Or is there another program that emulates this "windows explorer"?
> Thanks for your response,
> Frans.
-  Open any Nautilus window
-  Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Behaviour -> (check) Always open in
  browser windows.
-  Close all Nautilus Window
-  Open new Nautilus Window (should be seeing something more like
  Windows Explorer)
-  At the Side Pane choose Tree.

Buffalo Soldier

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