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Wed Mar 16 03:15:28 CST 2005

Now this would be a real contribution!
I'm using my laptop both docked and undocked, which means sometimes I use
the build-in networkcard, and once docked the one build in the docking
Currently, I have wait for a timeout on the build-in one, since it doesn't
notice there is no cable attached. DHCP has a long timeout (I know, I can
reduce that).
Having this "conditional" path would add a lot of value, mainly for mobile


> I hate being suprized by the ntp timing  out on boot, and I'm  not the 
> world's only user who does not have internet on his pc 24/7. Think of 
> laptops, dial ups etc.

Keybuk (Scott-James) was working on moving items in the boot-process to a
dependency basis.  This avoids DHCP timing out if there's no network cable
plugged-in. ...And avoids NTP timing out unless you have a successful Layer
3 (IP-level) connection up and running.

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