almost every kernel upgrade I have to disable the nvidia driver (proprietary)

Chris Jones cmsj at
Mon Mar 14 12:52:41 CST 2005


On Mon, March 14, 2005 17:58, Mike Hearn said:
> I've not seen any realistic proposals to make it happen either, so until
> then improving the workarounds and giving the best user experience
> possible should take priority over ranting, which achieves nothing.

Why are workarounds needed? If there is a new kernel package and the
nvidia modules haven't been rebuilt for it yet....I just wait. You don't
*have* to do a "smart" (argh!) upgrade every time ;)

In a stable release you shouldn't really need to dist-upgrade anyway, so
any kind of upgrading tool ought to just hold the new kernel packages back
until other packages are ready and a normal upgrade can proceed. This is
why a tickbox for always dist-upgrading in synaptic strikes me as a really
really bad idea, it will blithely let people wipe out really important
stuff with little warning while claiming to be smart :/

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