Universe .desktop fix icons?

Aaron Lake alake at metallikop.com
Mon Mar 14 11:10:19 CST 2005


This document states a list of applications that have a /usr/lib/menu/
item but no .desktop file.  While going through this list, I've noticed
quite a few applications that don't offer a xpm/png file for their icon.
What should we do about these?

Discussion on the #ubuntu-motu channel has posed a few possible
solutions: 1. Use a blank image or 2. Standardize a default image for
applications without a logo or icon.

I'd say there are close to 1000 or more applications in this list, and a
good number haven't been developed for 2 or more years.  Contacting
upstream developers or creating icons myself seems to be a daunting
task.  I'd like to know what direction we'd like to take on the .desktop

-Aaron Lake

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