Savage Drivers

vhogemann dlist at
Mon Mar 14 08:40:22 CST 2005

Spock Wrote: 
> Hi,
> i have a ProSavage8 KM266/KL266 but can't get dri working.
> Im using Ubuntu Hoary.
> As i always do:
> 1. download and install savage driver
> (savage-20041123-linux.i386.tar.bz2)
> 2. edit /etc/modules and insert savage
> 3. edit xorg.conf to use savage driver 
> reboot...
> lsmod says that savage module is loaded but the logfile give me
> following error:
> savage: Ignoring new-style parameters in presence of obsolete ones
> [drm] Initialized savage 1.0.0 20011023 on minor 0: S3 Inc. VT8375
> [ProSavage8 KM266/KL266]
> [drm:savage_unlock] *ERROR* Process 5151 using kernel context 0
> [drm:savage_unlock] *ERROR* Process 5240 using kernel context 0
> maybe someone could help
> thx
> Spock

I managed once or twice to get the Savage drivers working, but that on
Debian Sarge. There are some packages that provide the DRI-enabled XOrg
drivers, the DRM modules and the xlib-mesa... But they're designed to
work on top of the debian XFree86 packages and won't work on Ubuntu.
You can check them out at

I was able to compile the DRM modules from these packages... but they
won't work. My gess is that the Savage drivers on Ubuntu aren't enabled
for DRI. So, to get acceleration we would need to compile the whole lot,
that is, the DRI-enabled Xservers and the DRM modules.

I'm not familiar with the XOrg architeture, nor with deb-pakcaging...
so I gess my only choice is to wait.


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