Hoary fonts

Danilo Šegan danilo at kvota.net
Mon Mar 14 06:32:23 CST 2005

Yesterday at 9:08, thully at umich.edu wrote:

> Secondly, in Firefox I've found that serif fonts are used excessively where sans
> serif fonts should be used, and where sans serif fonts would look much better
> (one example of this is on Slashdot).  Could defaults be changed to use sans
> serif fonts, as opposed to serif fonts, in instances where Arial/Helvetica are
> requested (as is the case on Slashdot)?  I find Bitstream Vera Sans looks much
> better than the serif font (don't know which one) Firefox tends to use on
> Slashdot.

Arial/Helvetica is better replaced with Nimbus Sans L instead, since
it's a true Helvetica metric-equivalent for at least Adobe Standard
Encoding (mostly a slight superset of ISO-8859-1).

It comes with gsfonts package (I have one with fixed Serbian
Cyrillics, Daf did that for Debian: gsfonts 8.14+v8.11-0.2).


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