Sharing folders with nautilus

Guillaume Desmottes cass at
Sun Mar 13 18:30:00 CST 2005


When i launch shares-admin (System -> Administration) and if samba or
nfs-user-server packages aren't installed, it displays a message saying
NFS and/or SMB must be installed to share folders.

I think it's not very user-friendly for the user who don't know the
exact name of the packages.
Some solutions to solve this problem:

* Add these packages during the installation. Not ideal because they
launch 2 deamons and most of the users don't need them.
* Indicate the name of these packages, so they can easily be installed
with synaptic by the user.
* Propose to install one of the packages and launch synaptic to do it.
Better but require a hack into the code of shares-admin.

I hope a solution will be found for the release.


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