Ubuntu like KUbuntu but for BlackBox Fluxbox and the like.

Roberto roberto-vanto at tiscali.it
Sat Mar 12 08:23:09 CST 2005

David Stevens wrote:
> Hi all,
> Have been using Ubuntu on various personal work projects.
> Most of these project run on limited hardware mainly, EPIA 5000 example.
> Gnome Kde are very nice but they are both very resource heavy, this really 
> does show up on lightweight hardware, processors less than 533Mhz have real
> trouble running a full blown desktop like Gnome Kde.
> BlackBox FluxBox Twm, IceWm are lightweight enough to run on quite a few 
> lower-end machines, as you proberly know.  
> How about it ?
> Ubuntu distrobution for lightweight hardware, maybe, MUbuntu for MiniUbuntu
> Simular to the Debian but with X installed and a default lightweight manager.
> Could it be done ?
> David Stevens
try BeatrIX: www.watsky.net

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