Request to remove "winesetuptk" package from universe

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Sat Mar 12 07:02:24 CST 2005

Hi Scott, Oliver, Daniel & MOTU

This confusion is my fault, I apologise for not mailing ubuntu-devel 
when Scott and I first agreed that he would lead the WINE packages in 
universe. At that stage the MOTU framework was embryonic and I didn't 
think to let the early MOTU's know about this.

I'm very excited about bringing upstreams into the team. In many cases 
they have exceptional app-specific knowledge and can speak with 
authority on the core software and it's best use, or intended use. 
Combine that with the Ubuntu team (MOTU and main) which has excellent 
experience in packaging, interoperability, translation and porting, and 
we have a great mix.

In this way I think we will be able to set the pace for other 
distributions to keep up.

Taking the lead like that is always something of a risk, because we 
might go down a worng alleyway. We have take those risks in the past and 
will do so again. For example,, udev, kernel 2.6 and other 
decisions all involved breaking new ground. When we do that, it's very 
important that the new packages are of excellent quality, I'm very glad 
that the MOTU response to the WINE proposals was focused on package 
quality. We should be able to coach and help the upstream folks to 
become first-class contributors with a good understanding of the 
specific issues that are part of being inside a distribution like 
Ubuntu. I'd like to thank Daniel Holbach, AJ Mitchell and Oliver Grawert 
for their continuing hard work in universe mentoring new contributors - 
that is what will, in the long term, make people trust the packages in 

When it comes to package standards, quality and security the ultimate 
decision rests with Matt and his team on the Tech Board. Everyone - 
main, MOTU and upstream will need to respect decisions from the TB.

In this case I've no doubt Scott will be happy to take on board specific 
technical requirements and issues with the new packages. I'm looking 
forward to testing WINE, I've never used it and if it works for 
QuickBooks on Ubuntu I can think of two people who will be rid of 
Windows forever... a very happy thought indeed :-)

So, in summary, thanks very much Scott for bringing your upstream 
expertise to the table here. If this work is as good as I think it can 
be, it will no doubt be requested by Debian users and then move into 
experimental / sid. Don't hold back in leading on the WINE front, with 
the proviso that the MOTU guys and ultimately the TB carry the 
responsibility for consistency and integrations standards across the 
distro and these packages will need to pass their tough scrutiny.

Thanks to Jeff Waugh for alerting me to this thread, and to the Master 
OTU for their excellent work.


PS - MOTU, if you can build other really good relationships with 
upstream and invite them to participate in the distro, I'd be thrilled 
and I think Ubuntu would become even better as a result.

Scott Ritchie wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 14:41 -0800, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
>>On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 12:54:00AM -0800, Scott Ritchie wrote:
>>>This package is useless.  It doesn't help create useful Wine
>>>configurations anymore, and it really confuses new Wine users.  It
>>>should be removed from the repositories.
>>Is there an alternative that we can recommend in its place, when users ask
>>"where is winesetuptk"?
>> - mdz
>Yes, there is a great alternative - Winetools.  I maintain the winetools
>(alongside the wine packages) at the repositories at
>Winetools gives very simple GUI setup and eases installation of software
>useful to Wine (you can even install Internet Explorer in like 3
>I've been hounding the developer about releasing a new version recently
>that acknowledges the new Wine versions, and I've been doing some work
>myself on getting menu entries for it all, but as of now everything
>works great from the console.  Just install Wine (fresh), then install
>winetools, and type "winetools" at the console.
>In the next 6 hours or so I'll be uploading new versions of the Wine and
>Winetools packages (we just had a release)
>Scott Ritchie
>Wine Usability Wannabe Guru

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